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A full-time project manager, a freelance writer and a fashion stalker in the time left to spare. Dorianne has been in love with the fashion industry for years & feels closest to this passion of hers when offering fashion tips and styling advice.

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- This blog is for those with a hunger for fashion, beauty, travel and all things fabulous - 

Fashion & glamour is what she does and what she has always done. For as long as she can remember, Dorianne has always felt it to be natural and necessary for anyone to dress in a way that shows off their personal style. Even though what comes natural to some may not be the same to others, she’s of the opinion that being fashion-conscious is something which can be learned & enjoyed. People  breathe, change & mature. So does fashion; that’s what makes it intriguing. 

In addition to being infatuated with the fashion world, Dorianne has recently been love-struck by the beauty of Photography;a love-at-first-sight instant. She is truly fascinated by idea of capturing moments & usually prefers to go for the crazy photographical methodologies rather than play it safe.

And yes, she takes pictures of EVERYTHING! *sigh* :)

Throughout this blogging journey of hers, Dorianne has had the opportunity to collaborate with a number of local and international brands including Elisabetta Franchi, Charles & Ron, Coccinelle, Tommy Hilfiger, ECCO, MOSCA, PUPA Milano, Vogue and Skagen. 


For any collaboration, invitation to events or other enquiries click get in touch.

First photo: Bernard Polidano Photography

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