Tettiera: tea tasting at ECLECTICIST for Mother's Day

Last Saturday I was invited to endorse Tettiera's Mother's Day afternoon tea tasting event at ECLECTICIST. Now, you usually listen to me rambling about my coffee addiction, but I also happen to be a big tea lover! Loving tea is a habit passed on to me by my father who drinks mugloads of tea daily. As a family, we are also used to drinking tea whenever we want to unwind, comfort ourselves or treat ourselves. So yeah, tea lover big time! 

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The packaging design by Stephanie Borg is also locally inspired as it depicts patterns of traditional Maltese tiles. -

Tettiera - a range of premium artisan loose leave teas sources from the most popular tea growing regions - has been inspired by the older Maltese generations who used to refer to their precious teapot as tettiera. Joanna, one of the nice co-founders of the Tettiera tea brand, explained to me how every teapot has its own ritual and how every generation has added its chapter to the story of their teapot.   

So you can imagine my joy as I was treated to different teas. From Rooibos Vanilla to Tghanniqa to Oolong tea; heavenly feeling indeed! I got to first smell the artisan tea leaves, learn about them and got to choose my favourites to eventually try them out! Oh, and there were lots of macaroons and scones too!!

Was one splendid experience if you ask me; thank you so much Tettiera for having me there for your event!

Also, some of you have been asking me a number of questions regarding ECLECTICIST, the design store in Attard which hosted the event in question. So do watch this space for more info! ;)

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 ''Tea has a calming yet refreshing effect on the mind, body and soul, with many astringent and bitter sweet flavours.''

Photos captured by David Attard.


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