Giving amika a try. So far I'm impressed

Those who know me well know better than to start a conversation with me about hair. I love experimenting with hair products and flicking through magazines to stay updated with the latest hairstyles worn on red carpets, don't get me wrong, but my hair has always been one of the few things I don't really like about myself and speaking about or showing off hairstyles makes me feel somewhat uncomfy and insecure.  It's been over two decades of experimenting with hair products and hair professionals to try find the right formulas and the right style yet, to date, 9.5 times out of 10 my hair remains tied up in a nice bun and kept low-key as much as possible.

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But as they say HOPE is the last to die so I keep on looking out for products and experimenting :) I've recently come across amika, a brand founded in New York City in 2007, offering professional quality hair products. As it goes, throughout these years, the brand has developed tools and products to improve and protect one's hair thanks to naturally derived ingredients and the use of the best technology and research. Not to mention the bright, cheerful packaging which lifts up your moral even if you're in the grumpiest of moods. That, however, is besides the point of this blog; today I simply want to talk to you about amika's Nourishing Mask which I've recently discovered and been testing for some weeks.

With components of the Sea Buckthorn Berry, this Hair Mask intensely moisturizes and hydrates hair to serve its purpose "for ultimate repair and deep conditioning". In my case, it softens and detangles my voluminous wavy hair. A real hair care multi-tasker, amika's Nourishing Hair Mask is free of parabens and artificial colour.

What I like about this product? That it is an all-natural mask which, when applied, immediately gives me the confidence that it's working on and treating my dry hair. In other words, it helps my hair distress and I like that. In fact, only last Friday I had one of the best hair days I've had in months! How to apply? Once a week, I treat my hair to this repairing mask, whilst brushing my hair to detangle some uncontrollable tousled hair bits. I leave the mask for some 10 minutes and then rinse through. Easy.

Ohhhhh, have I mentioned that it smells amazinngggg?!! :D  


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