Food at Cheeky Monkey Gastropub was amazing and the place was buzzin'!

Last week I got to visit Cheeky Monkey Gastropub​ in Valletta. I know you must have heard about it already (and I happen to be a regular at the one in St. Paul's Bay already), but I happened to be in Valletta (yeah, I had spotted this orange dress and I had to go try it on) and I went ahead and stopped for dinner there.

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I must have stepped into the gastropub at about 7.15/ 7.30pm and the place was already buzzin'! To start with I got myself a chilled craft beer (which was then followed by a glass of Gavi di Gavi - guilty!) and ordered some nice starters (calamari fritti for yours truly and Sliders for the partner, but hey, we ended up sharing everything!).

Food is so genuine and tasty! Starters were amazing indeed (did I mention I ended up going for the nachos as well?) and despite being almost full already, I was really looking forward to my usual B & B burger (complete with brie and cranberry sauce!) Douze points as per usual! The apple pie and espresso I was sure I was going to have to refuse (given the abundance of food I merely consumed that night) saw me leaving the pub as one happy bunny. 

I hear Cheeky Monkey Gastropub also have a happy hour everyday between 4pm and 7pm. Yep, am already planning the next one!

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