How glasses can change your look. For the better!!

I can safely say that I've been wearing eye glasses for the last 16 years. I remember how uncomfy I used to feel during the first couple of years where I had to wear my glasses.

Back then, I only had to wear my glasses during my maths private lessons; I used to sit at the back and had no option but to wear my blue metal framed glasses to be able to follow whatever out teacher was scribbling on the board. These days I feel stupid remembering how relieved I used to feel once the lesson was over and I could quickly sneak my glasses back into their case. I suppose I was slightly insecure back then (and the fact that my glasses were uglyish didn't help, I suppose).


A decade later and I no longer wear my glasses occassionally. These days I live in my glasses! I need them constantly; that's what the doctor ordered! :) But I really don't mind. I actually enjoy wearing them, and miss having them on the few instances I wear contact lenses instead. I wear my glasses everwhere; to work-related meetings, whilst driving, to events, to parties and weddings! I really don't mind, I actually believe they can be the perfect accessory and I laugh at how people assosciate me and my personality to my glasses. Lately, everyone asks me about my Dolce eye glasses whenever I'm wearing another pair of eyeglasses or sunnies and I smile to myself at their ''Keep on wearing them, they suit you, don't put your Dolces on the side just because you have a brand new pair, ok?'' :)

Below, I managed to find some photos of yours truly wearing a number of glasses; both eye and sunglasses (some of the latter with prescripted lenses). I'm inserting pictures of the latter because in the coming weeks I shall be posting a whole post on sun glasses, so here's a teaser of some of my favourite eyewear. Enjoy x

15731883 1208641125889610 2147065753339589992 o 1

14424886 1107004839386573 510564180658107175 o 1

14233036 1095410053879385 3799318313652878881 n 1

18485588 1357578927662495 4374803529259300026 n

18893018 1378746318879089 1959126954014288769 n

18446993 1356599314427123 3081756211772882001 n

All eyewear available at Vision Opticians.

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