Behind every woman…

…there is either chocolate or a new pair of shoes! After years of profound analysis, I feel that I can comfortably state that chocolate and shoes are, in most cases, what keeps a girl going, developing her skills along the way.




Thinking about it, this is probably the reason why I have two cupboards filled with bars of chocolate (Cadbury’s Flake being my absolute favourite). I’ve always deemed myself a person who was partly born to worry. I get anxious whenever a friend doesn’t call at all for weeks, but if, after that, the same friend phones too much I choose to worry just the same. I lose sleep over situations which to many may sound petty, and recounting the number of times in which my mind replays ‘uncomfortable/upsetting’ conversations would be an impossible task. By means of remedial action, I eat chocolate!


And shoes! Those I don’t eat obviously (duhhh!), those I invest in – lots of pairs, in lots of shades and styles for lots of occasions. The thrill starts from the instant I catch a glimpse of some must-have-heels on a shop floor to the moment I proudly carry my acquisition home. Then, in my spare time, I sometimes get out all my shoes (some are stored in strategically-hidden spaces (to preserve the freshly-purchased item or to lessen any guilt feelings having to do with owing 9 black pairs of sandals) whose bearings I sometimes forget. I spent some thirty minutes looking admiringly at my babies and then I carefully box them back again. As absurd as it may sound to you, the feeling I experience after that is unexplainable!


So yeah, when it comes to determining what makes a woman feel confident, successful and complete, chocolate and shoes are definitely it! :)


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