ALTA ROMA again - seems I got addicted to fashion shows and prosecco!

If you read my blog posts, you probaby know how I love my habits and familiarity. And something (the calendar in my diary?) tells me that the month of January shall be forever associated to Alta Roma! 

It's the second time I've found myself booking flights and accomodation to the popular January shows which take place in central Rome and I have to say I really don't regret it! The vibe, the shows, the people running around in the highest of heels whilst clutching their Gucci bags. Oh, and the prosecco!

IMG 9446.1JPG

Just like last year, I stayed in a tiny bed and breakfast next to the Spanish Steps. I used to make my way down to the steps and head into a small cafeteria past Via del Corso for breakfast. Following some window shopping (and shopping, guilty!), one quick change and I'd head off to an afternoon exhibition (be it jewellery, bags or shoes). Late shows in Rome usually start roundabout 8pm, leaving just enough time for a quick chilled prosecco in the most luxurious of hotels (I'm keeping hush hush about the name of the hotel, something big might be coming up! ;)) 

Following prosecco and some nibbles, I'd rush back to my hotel, wash, put on some nice makeup and a special outfit to make me feel pretty and rush out again to catch a cab. Then finally, the final show, taking place in some nice palace or a lavish hotel, where I'd relax and feast on the most splendid and elaborate of outfits!

I've shared a number of photos and material already of my getaway to Rome for Alta Roma this past weekend, but a few more won't hurt! ;) ENJOY!

IMG 9435.1JPG

IMG 9441

IMG 9540

IMG 9546.1JPG

IMG 9338

IMG 9330

IMG 9322

IMG 9560

IMG 9263

Big thanks goes to Milk shake products and Mac Cosmetics for believing in this little space of mine and supporting me during this exciting experience in Rome!

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