I can't believe I'm in Paris again. Then again, I can.

I sit down in one of the many cafes on Rue Cler and order what must be the fourth espresso for the day and three raspberry macaroons.

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Just like with all the cafes, bistros and restaurants in Paris, this coffee shop is full of chairs sitting neatly in pairs, overlooking the busy street. Rue Cler is one of the best market streets in Paris, brimming with boulangeries, delicatessens, flower stalls and greengrocers where local Parisians go for their daily shopping. It's also filled with cafes for those who just like me like to sit down and watch the world go by.

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I can't believe I'm in Paris again. Then again, I can. Paris must easily be my favourite city. For many reasons. The wine, the cheese, the fashion. The chocolate, the well-mannered gentlemen, the language (which I can barely speak, but still). The sights, the art, the baguettes and the shops. The architecture, the prints, the books and the French newspapers and magazines.

There are so many sights I've already visited which need re-visiting!  So far I've only managed to stroll by the Eiffel Tower (very close to Rue Cler). Well, our Iron Lady in Paris never fails to impress! People just on the lawn overlooking the iconic Eiffel Tower as they feast on the wine and cheese sitting in their picnic baskets. Locals walk or jog close to the area whilst tourists snap the nth photo of the tall wrought iron tower. Jazz musicians play their saxophone, whilst touts pitching their Eiffel Tower souvenirs ("Best price")! Nothing can ever beat such a gorgeous view, nothing. Except for the Arc de Triomphe perhaps?

And the Jardin des Tuileries! I definitely need to go there again, buy me an ice-cream and sit by the huge pond at the entrance of the gardens. These gardens are always buzzing with people, yet there's something serene about this park laying right in front of the Louvre. Which reminds me of the Louvre! Oh, and some shopping at Galeries Lafayette, of course! So many things to do in the beautiful city of love and lights, so many things to experience!

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