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As I left work and drove to Valletta, I immediately knew I was in for a great time that evening. Roseberry had invited us to a introductory training course by the European School Director of Make-up Designory (MUD), and I just couldn't wait!

Once there, my fellow bloggers and myself took a seat and gazed at the number of products displayed on MUD's display and the table in front of us! Elizaveta Kudryashova, the European School Director of MUD, could probably feel our anticipation and immediately started explaining what MUD is all about.


- Elizaveta mixing it up for us ;) Purple eyeshadow and primer, but read on for more! -

MUD started off as a school for make-up some 20 years ago, with the aim of focusing on the needs and changes of the make-up industry, be it related to fashion make-up, theatre make-up, tv make-up and others. The school's laboratory developed products to be used solely by the school, and this is what happened for some 10 years. Eventually, however, the products became so popular and requested with make-up artists/teachers/users and clients, that the school's rationale changed from a ''let's keep this in-house'' to a "why not share such good products with the rest of the world?". Actually, 'good products' is definetely an understatement here and there must something extraordinary about the school. You see, former students of MUD went on to become personal make-up artists for huge celebrities such as Rihanna and Lady Gaga themselves!



 - click on photo for some MUD-related videos on youtube -

Following the brief, the fun part started - getting our hands dirty and feeling the texture of the products! Elizaveta started walking us through the incredible range of MUD products. From the palette and palette knife (used for make-up mixing, laying, application etc), to the brushes, foundations, primers, eye shadows (so, so pigmented!), mascaras, correctors, highlighters and accessories, MUD has it all and with one added benefit. The products are very flexible in that two or more products can be easily mixed together to create different shades, blends and textures. This creates new palettes of colours, without the product suffering from mishaps related to consistency, poor quality or its originally long-lasting effect. I was particularly impressed when Elizaveta showed us the results achieved when products are mixed with MUD's silicone-based primer. Eye shadows, for instance, become so intense when mixed with primer that the colour is almost unrecognisable. Elizaveta's tip? Experiment with the mixing using only a small amount of primer, then use the new formula as eyeliner or to create a more intense smoky effect on the eyelid. Also, a little bit of product goes a long way.



From what I gathered and concluded from the talk and demonstration, it's all very well thought out when it comes to MUD products and accessories. The colours of the products, the texture of the make-up and make-up accessories, the avoidance of perfume throughout all the range of MUD's products to ensure no irritations whatsoever. Given what MUD have achieved already, it leaves you wondering whether it's actually possible to come up with a better, more innovative products anytime soon! For example, I still can't get over the genius that MUD's mascara comes in a tube - to give you the possibility of mixing it with other products on MUD's steel palette and have it applied by brushes if you want to, AND use all the product without wasting the tiniest bit of amount, AND mix it with the rest of the eye shadows and come up with new shades. Genius!


- Entire range of MUD products available at roseberry -

MUD is available at roseberry; you know how I feel about the splendid staff there, so feel free to ask them any questions you may have about this awesome range of products.


 - Happy with my MUD lippie in shade Burlesque, part of the generous goodie bag given to us on the night -


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