MFWA2015: Ritienne Zammit

Make-up and hair: check, my beloved skirt from Ritienne's AMEN collection: zipped up/check, media pass in hand: check. So off to Ritienne Zammit's show at the Grand Master's Palace in Valletta. I manage to park right outside Valletta and hurry my way up the stairs, past Teatru Manoel in the direction of the Palace, which I haven't visited in quite a while now. Once I'm seated, camera in hand, I take my time to take in all that's going on around me. 

The venue? The perfect setting for Ritienne's collection "L'Omm li Tatna Isimha"; a collection specifically aimed at arousing "the gratitude of our identity, language and beliefs". The guests waiting to witness Ritienne's pieces? Dressed to the nines and going through the handed leaflet which gives a deeper insight about the collection we're about to see. The atmosphere? Shhhhh - the show is about to start this very second! With the National Anthem!

IMG 4798

All that followed is indeed a dream come true. Newspaper prints written in Maltese and featuring some Maltese-Italiano vocabulary, patriots' faces as well as an outline of our island danced right in front of our eyes, one after the other. They were accompanied by the most beautiful accessories; chunky "Maltin-Kburin" earrings, the most original of semi-bowl bag and a lot of colourful buttons. Each time I tried to settle for a favourite, another even more beautiful piece came along.

IMG 4801

IMG 4808

IMG 4837

IMG 4829

IMG 4849

Best collection so far if you ask me. Best collection so far.


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