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We have them shops, we have the malls but the concept of a Pop-up Shop is still relatively (if not completely) new in our island. Maria Elena changed that and is currently at the Gardjola Suite, Corinthia Hotel in St Julians with some very lovely and unique pieces from all over the world; Paris, Madrid, New York, Milan, Brazil and India. The idea behind myme Pop-up Shop is for the ladies to make the most of a shopping and living experience in a relaxing environment with personal shopping advice at hand.

Maria Elena, the brains behind this Pop-up Shop and one knowledgeable stylish lady, moves graciously from one clothing rail to another as she tells me her story. Currently residing in Malta, she's had her share of travels, and clothes and fabrics are her passion. Her eyes glisten as I explain how I enjoyed my time in Madrid some three years ago, especially that joie de vivre spirit throughout the whole of Malasaña and Huertas. She tells me a bit about the countries she's been to and admits that she seeks to feel comfortable and sexy when she puts on her clothes first thing in the morning. I wander from one clothing rail to the other, and marvel at how unique each piece on display is. Various styles, sizes, fabrics and colours. I take some pieces in the fitting room and bag me 3 pieces. By the time I'm out of the Pop-up Shop I realise I'd been inside the shop for over an hour. Time flies when you're having fun.

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The sale started yesterday and will be on till tomorrow evening.

13th, 14th March: 10am to 9pm



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