She's back from CUBA and MEXICO!

Yes, I'm back! So you'll have to start putting up with me again :P

But before I return to a number of blog posts and reviews I have waiting for me, I wanted to share with you some of the hundreds of photos captured during this magical adventure. It's only fair, primarily to explain this long absence but even because I've been on the rock for 3 days already and I still cannot contain my excitement!!

 IMG 0431

Recounting the trips we made from Santiago de Cuba up to Havana and speaking to you about all the drinks we drank, dishes we tried, dancing we danced and the songs which we hummed along with would take ages and would still do no justice to our thrilling adventure. The people we met and observed, the long walks in the (at times unbearably hot) long alleys and majestic plazas, the music blaring from each house, the vendors selling their vegetables and meat, the scent of soap covering a number of pavements and the children shouting and playing joyfully in the middle of the street is something no one will ever be able to take away from me. It's a scene which will always remain imprinted in my head, a joyful, peaceful feeling which will always remain stored in some deserted corner of my heart :) The imposing mountains, the waterfalls and lagunas, the donkeys transporting materials and people from one town to another. The rum, the cigars and their cigar rollers, the delicious seafood. The Chevrolets, the cathedrals, the coffee and the dogs sitting under restaurant tables hoping to be fed. The beaches and palm trees, the lack of cars in the streets, the striking resort and even more intriguing casas we got to stay in and my "muchos gracias" to each soul I got to meet (more often than not I wasn't understanding a word they were telling me :))

I've learnt so much. I feel I achieved so much in just one trip, a sense of achievement and joy I never got to experience in any of my other travels. I feel I'm somehow more focused now, having experienced what I experienced. I feel I found a part of me which could have gotten lost whilst I was busy looking for something 'better' or for taking up behaviours which do not really have anything to do with my principles or me, as a person. I'm so so grateful for each day and moment spent in Cuba and Mexico, and I could really go on for ages about it but I wouldn't want to bore you or make you think I'm bragging in any way. On the contrary, I think I got to enjoy myself mostly because everything which happens in Cuba and Mexico is done with simplicity and tranquility. And that gave me so much serenity. 



IMG 0379

IMG 1459

IMG 1185

plaza armes

IMG 1823


IMG 1446

IMG 1071

IMG 1216



IMG 2212

IMG 2220

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