I've just discoved a GREAT app -SHOPCADE !


This app allows you to collect things you like from anywhere online (so not just Shopcade ) on a wish list and share with friends! Then you can get alerted with deals based on the brands on your wish list! This means that if any of the products on your wish lists are on offer, Shopcade will notify you in a way that you don't get to miss out on a great deal. In addition, SHOPCADE chooses new products in a way that followers are continuously updated about the latest trends. Now, how cool is that?! :)


I got to browse a bit and already started with my wish list! :D



Jimmy Choo Eau de Toilette
Teacup Necklace
The Lacey Dress
The Bailey Dress Blush
How I got to know about this fab app? BecauseShopcade and ASOS are teaming up to bring up a great giveawa (and that we all love, don't we? :D). Further details can be foundhere . What are you waiting for?!!