Yesterday I turned 29! Big deal, right? 


On our birthday, to indicate that we're getting a year older we use the verb ''turn". "Turned 29"; "turned", just like "turned sour" or "turned grey"! Woww! That was probably what got me into panic mode on the eve of my birthday - I was going to turn 29; just one year to go before my turning 30! Now that's a big, rounded number...! 

29 years

But back to my 29! Whilst switching on my grumpy mode and trying to find a sensible reason for celebrating the 12th of the month of this blessed year (as opposed to the other years, where I had quite enjoyed celebrating my birthdays), I sat going through some messages and birthday wishes posted on my facebook page. One of them brought me to my sesnes. "There are some who didn't make it to 29. Thank God and don't worry about anything."


Enough said. I'm happy to be here :)