Yesterday early morning my girlfriends and myself had a blast whilst sharing some embarrassing moments we had whilst drunk. I was mentioning how during a second date I was assuring my companion for the night how in my eyes he looked way better than his friend and in fact scored 66.66 per cent (with the remaining 33.33 per cent going to his friend - how I managed to argue my way round with 2-decimal point percentages whilst finishing off the second bottle of wine is, to date, still beyond me). Another friend of ours was saying how she always ends up with this funny, babyish voice when drunk and how she starts patting people on the head as if they were dogs!!



 But my friend beat us all when she recounted how she started to feel sick after a few drinks during a night out with her date and his friends. As soon as she felt that she needed to throw up, rather than rushing to the rest rooms, she panicked and emptied her stomach in the side-pocket of her date's jacket. She still cringes each time she remembers his expression once he put his hands in his pockets later on during the night!!

And yourself? Any embarrassing situations or memories whilst drunk? :)