I heard about these yummy cold pressed juices by chance, but boy am I glad I did?!!! You see, these days I don't really have time to juice my own Fruit & Veg but I so miss the mornings when mum used to squeeze some tasty, healthy juices for us. As luck may have it, we're now in for a treat because Cold Pressed Juices come in 8 different flavours; deep green, clean green, lemonade, deep beet, light beet, apple carrot & ginger, carrot and apple. Apparently, the 330ml juices are good in your fridge for 5 days. So far, I've had the pleasure to taste Deep Beet and Deep Green, the latter containing pear, spinach, kale, cucumber, celery and fennel. Uhhhh, and no extra sugars or liquids in these juices, now how can you beat that?!

I will be trying the remaining flavours in the upcoming week. In the meantime, you may order them online by clicking here. ENJOY!

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