“That’s it. I’m on diet!!” It’s a phrase anyone gets to say at least once in a lifetime and a decision I’ve solemnly taken 9 days ago (and counting) which I intend to pursue with great devotion. In fact, I’ve already reduced those sinful, sweet-tooth moments to just a Hershey’s bar and not more than 7 cookies a day! Tough, I know, but there are times when a girl has to do what she’s got to do. So I’ve also cut down on soft drinks – diet-coke is the only beverage permitted nowadays. I only add a couple of skittles (yes, the sweets) to my diet beverage, just for some flavour, but that’s just it really.


I have to confess that dieting is tough, just like they say on tv and in magazines. Truth be told, I still don’t get the whole concept of it. I mean, why should anyone ever be made to choose between a dessert and another dessert, why not have them both? Why should a sane nutritionist recommend a mini cereal bar over English breakfast when he’s supposed to be striving for “what’s best for you”? Don’t they teach nutritionists that no-english-breakfast-mornings may lead to depression these days?! And what about this calorie-counting madness? Recently I’ve got to know that there are people whose jobs are to come up with the number of calories per product (made available to us purchasers at the back of the item’s package). My friends suggested that prior to purchasing my groceries I should start going through these numbers to make the most health-conscious decision. And that’s what I’m doing; every Saturday I take my time and dedicate a whole three hours to this mission. The beer sauces and goodies I buy after, when I’m in a hurry…


My goal – to lose at least 15 kilos in 8 weeks time in my quest for a jovial, bikini body by summer. Easier said than done, I know, but I’m positive that my determination and hard efforts will get me there.