If I had to pick just one series of blog posts which I know you've really been enjoying recently, it would probably be the posts related to my collaboration with Beauty Team in Mosta. I'm sure about this because you've been telling me all about it in your many messages and comments, so today I'm back with another post from this series ;) 

The latest treatment - the SPA Capsule - had my attention as soon as I was told that the capsule burns up to 600 calories per session, just by me relaxing in the capsule :D. Apparently, the capsule's Far-Infrared SPA Capsule waves assist in weight loss by decreasing fat-stored toxins, but I'll be telling you more about this later on in the blog.

Apart from striving to attain a healthier, slimmer figure, the SPA Capsule has the effect of physio therapy and therapeutic treatment, helps with water retention, circulation, arthritis, inflammation and promotes metabolism. It also helps with stress relief and aids those who suffer from insomnia, which in my case is great given that I'm a very light sleeper who, at times, finds it quite difficult to fall and stay asleep (which, incidentally, I did [fall asleep, that is] whilst in the capsule! :D)

The duration of this treatment lasts some 30 very relaxing minutes and I know for sure I'll be going back for more. Yourself? Ever tried the SPA Capsule?!

spa capsule 2

spa capsule3