Dear 2015,

You've been good to me. There have been lots of good things to look back upon and I'm so grateful for everything!

Thankfully I got to enjoy loving as well as being cared for by my family and friends for yet another year, which is undoubtedly what matters most - keeps me going, am so blessed for that. I also got to meet lots of inspiring people throughout 2015, who turned out to be not just great at what they do but also happen to be some of the most positive people I known.

I also got to travel a lot; twice with my parents in Spain and Sicily, revisit Paris, Rome and London, experience the gem that is Venice and wander in the magical streets of Ljubljana, Budapest and Leiden for the first time. In July, I got to be part of one brilliant, fashion-related experience and cover the photo shoot and video related to Ferragiu's latest collection with a splendid, talented team of professionals! 

2015 was the year which saw me into my 30s, which was at first a bit difficult to accept and take in but which turned out to be bloody awesome! My blog also turned 3, and brought with it many highlights and experiences which will be hard to forget and which I cherish so much. Malta Fashion Week 2015 must be one of these experiences whose memories I regularly find myself ecstatically recalling; I was on cloud number 9 for 10 whole days last May and I've learnt so so much too! Oh, and I also had the pleasure to sit on the sofa of Malta Illejla's famous living room in the company of the beautiful host Stephanie, stylist Marisa, fashion guru Noelene as well as Gordon and Penelope from TONI&GUY - that was one fun, TV experience I'll never forget!

IMG 9408

There are also the not so bright aspects, also part of my 2015, but I'd rather remember the lessons learnt from such episodes rather than cry over spilt milk. I'm also trying to better deal with my anxiety which is, at times, a big bummer which screws with my goals and moods. But just as the saying goes, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and I'm all for that during 2016 my dear 2015...;)