Being ambitious and motivated is awesome and necessary. But sometimes wer'e so focused on achieving a 100 1000 things that the minute some of those things do not happen according to plan we start hissing and blaming our (un)lucky stars. Today, I just want to talk about the things that make me really happy.

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First time I got to leave the rock to visit another country happened when I was 21 years old. Having been a bit of a late starter, I'm now really trying to make up for that. Even if it's just for a long weekend, getting to learn about a new city, walking into a capital's square and just spend time watching the locals go by whilst sipping a cup of coffee is the most fulfilling thing ever.

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More precisely, that first cup of coffee. The minute I wake up and stumble to the shower I'm usually doing two things; mentally going through the items of my wardrobe to see what I'd be wearing for the day and yearning for that first coffee of the day. Once out of the bathroom, I switch on my coffee machine and inhale the teasing coffee aroma. The second I get to consume that first cup of coffee, you can tell I'm uber happy! :D


Time with my loved ones

This is probably the thing which I treasure most of all the 10 things I shall mention. Spending time with my loved ones, wherever that may take place, makes me happy because it comes natural. Knowing there are a bunch of people on whom I can count on, no matter what makes me feel healthy, relieved and happy.


Some ME-time

For me that's long drives, eating (:D :D), meeting friends for a glass of wine, going through old copies of Vogue and creating new content for my blog. Some ME-time a week helps me stay positive and feel sane(ish).



I'm a chocoholic, 'nough said.


Smell of new books

Whenever I'm stressed out I don't resort to online shopping or the precious contents in my beauty room. Whenever I feel super stressed I head to the closest book store and spend magical minutes there. I go through shelves of books, reading extracts from books which grab my attention and taking my time to enjoy the smell of new books.


New make-up finds

I watch tons of those ''New Beauty Products'' vlogs, I find that the cosmetics' one-page adverts in magazines have me hooked each time and I'm all for trying and playing with the latest makeup fads these days. Each time a new product on the market tickles my fancy (which honestly happens too often these days), I rush to the nearest chemist or visit the brand's website and excitedly ''Add to my cart''. The minute the product is 'safe' in my hands I take thousands of photos of the product whilst it is still not swatched and gaze at its immaculate beauty. Then I apply whatever the new find and that moment is pure bliss...


Airport Duty Free 

Now this gets the best of me each time I'm on my way back home after having spent all my hard-earned pennies at the place I'd have been visiting. As I wait for my flight, I enter the airport's Duty Free to kill time and buy some chocolates for my family and colleagues. I end up coming out of duty free with no chocolates and a zillion skincare products. EVERY TIME!


Friday nights

After a long week at work, the only thing I'm usually looking forward to is a relaxed Friday night out over a chilled bottle of wine and some nibbles. My favourite bit of it all? Getting ready for the actual night out, teaming outfits and accessories, choosing shoes, listening to music as I get ready. Friday nights are indeed my favourite.


Those 15 minutes loitering round the house prior to going to bed

This is the time when I wind down after a busy day; I walk round the house bare-footed as I clear some things in my beauty room, take off my makeup and prepare me the last cup of tea. 

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And the 10 things which make YOU happy?!