If you follow my posts, you'll probably remember how fond I am of my loungewear! It has to be comfy, of course, but IT ALSO HAS TO BE pretty; a cocktail of attributes available at Women's Secret!!

IMG 4526

I remember I had discovered this brand some 12 years ago whilst on a trip in Tarragona, Spain. I was there for 5 days and every day I had to enter Women's Secret store, go round the shop for some 12 times, gush over everything and leave the shop with a small bag containing at least one item (a make-up bag, bed slippers or a nice nighty).

12 years later and Women's Secret has been a hit even on our little island! Each time I have some meeting at PAMA Shopping Complex in Mosta (my mum lives in the whereabouts so somehow my meetings are always in Mosta or Sliema) and have some minutes to kill whilst waiting, I find myself going up the complex's escalator and inside WS! (Yeps, guilty!)

And since the outlet has just received its Spring/Summer Collection for 2017, I thought might as well show you what I got some 10 days ago! Here goes! <3

IMG 4542

IMG 4550

IMG 4559 1

IMG 4560

IMG 4685

IMG 4689