Due to a very busy schedule this May, last week I went ahead and picked (despite it's still quite early for Mother's Day) some small thoughts for mummy so I'll have everything ready for next Sunday!!

Mum is really into plants and flowers so I went ahead and picked an orchidea (my fav), a couple of candles (one of them being Silk Pyjamas - again a favourite, but you know that already! :D) and a pretty mummy mug with gold detailing!! :)

Now I'm just looking forward to a nice lunch with mummy on mother's day (not that there's the need to wait for mother's day to celebrate love, mind you! In fact, I try to make it a point and find a few minutes every day to meet mum and hug her) and a lenghty chat over a limoncello! (or two :))

IMG 6219

IMG 6224

IMG 6223

IMG 6221

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IMG 6688

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