EARN it or simply PAY for it?

These past two weeks I've been so over the moon to witness and be part of some great shows and events (Moda Malta 2014, Coccinelle celebrating 1 year in MaltaPink Fashion Show) that my lifestyle posts were momentarily put on the back-burner. An incident which took place yesterday, however, was just the inspiration I needed for one of these posts which I know are quite popular with you guys:P The theme? How can you relate to your success if you're buying it rather than earning it through hard work?


Back to my years at school, I remember one particular instance where my friend and myself were really pissed off that we had worked our butts off to earn a particular grade and yet another school companion got a higher grade thanks to her parents funding a school-related event and filling our hall with plants and flowers :/ And don't ask me for proof please; when I went to confront my lecturer (to query my grade not lower hers) he was clearly biased in favour of our school companion and was all "extra-curricular activities this and lovely, wealthy family that" on me, and I just knew I was never going to win that one. I was never going to win the what's just/unjust battle, even though deep down I knew who made the most of the course. As for our companion, she had a lush school leaving certificate, but I wonder how one can really term that as 'success', like ever?   


Turns out history repeated itself yesterday (throughout the day), right in front of my own eyes. People buying (or miserably trying to) their success; actually paying to appear more popular, more in demand, possibly cleverer. I merrily captured snapshots of the oh-so-evident 'accomplishment', on one side to amuse myself but on the other to really manage to digest the fact that some people just don't value themselves and their abilities when it comes to attaining their goals on their own merits. I mean, why not just be happy with your achievements and work harder to attain more? Why just pay? Why play unfairly? Actually, why cheat and how on earth does that make you happy? You may be fooling those around you, but are you fooling yourself? Why not just enjoy life and your achievements, and let everything take its course? Why try to mess with numbers and change the rules of the game? Actually, if you go ahead and change the rules of the game, you're no longer part of the game so there you go. 


I know such incidents shouldn't get to me so much. It's just that I value what I do and it's difficult to digest how cheating can ever make people happy about themselves. My few achievements throughout these past years mean the world to me and every now and then I find myself happily looking back and try to replay some little accomplishment of mine. I'd like to think I'll keep on putting all my efforts towards work and my blog, rather than pay my way into appearing more successful.

Anyway, rant over.




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