Summer Lovin' Tag Post. And you might be tagged ;)

Last week I was tagged by classy Mariel in a Summer Lovin’ Tag Post and I was thrilled to say the least – I love these tag posts so much, I get so excited each time I’m tagged!! I only found time to answer during the weekend but as soon as I went through the tag post (which must have been Tuesday or Wednesday) I started forming the replies in my head. Yep, tag posts do that to me! :D


Now to the replies! 


 1. Summer lipstick you’re loving?


I LOVE lipsticks, over the last 6 months my lippie collection tripled in numbers for sure. To top that, my summer holiday in the US gave me the opportunity to try new, fun brands such as Tarte, Hourglass and Deborah Lipmann and with that excuse I found myself carrying tons of lippies back home ;) The winner of them all for summer 2014, however, must be Dior’s Addict Lipstick in shade Vintage, number 525. I must admit I feel a degree of extra glamour each time I put on this lippie and that makes me happy :)

 dior lippie


dior lippie2


2. Summer nail polish you’re loving?

Rimmel’s Sweetie Crush in Fizzy Applelicious - a textured, pastel green nail polish with glitters inspired by sugary candy.  The wide and flat brush swipes the polish onto nails so easily! I've also set my eyes on the shade Violet Swizzle Sweetie Crush, but we'll have to see about that because I'm sure I don't need any more polishes at the moment. Yet again, how can one ever deprive herself from such girlie, cute shades?!! 




3. Bikini you’re loving this summer?


A baby blue bandeau from ZARA. Baby blue is my favourite shade for the summer season, and this summer I'm teaming it up with oranges or gold accessories. That explains my new orange beach bag and gold ankle bracelet :p


4. Favourite summer Frappuccino from Starbucks?


Since we have no Starbucks here in Malta, I’m going to go with COSTA’s Green tea, lime and mint cooler – mmmmmmmmmmm, so tasty and refreshing!!!


5. Favourite fake tan?


Now this I still have to try! You may think I’m nuts for never experimenting with and using fake tans, I just haven’t to date. But it’s on my to-try-out list, promise.


6. Favourite summer song?


This is an easy one. Definitely RUDE by MAGIC! I just can’t get enough of this song and play it non-stop, annoying my colleagues and friends in the process ;)


7. Favourite summer accessory?

This has to be my multi-striped Michael Kors wallet which I treated myself to this summer - a wedding present from me to me :D




8. Favourite summer fragrance/perfume?


Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs. What first drew me to this fragrance was probably the super-cute little flowers that adorn its bottle, but the fruity floral fragrance is also very pleasant!


9. Summer book you’re loving?


I've got your Number by Sophie Kinsella, probably because I totally connect with clumsy, impulsive Poppy Wyatt - the main character in this book - who's always in panic mode. I started reading this book just yesterday, and by the looks of it, will be buying another Kinsella novel in a couple of days.




10. What are you most excited to do this summer?


Experience the joys of married life and learn from the less positive experiences. I'm all in for making the best of my leisure time, be it at home, by the beach or in some shopping complex :D I just want to make the most of the time on my hands, without wasting a single minute if possible.


Enough with getting myself into profound arguments :P I enjoyed this tag post so much that I’m tagging some other 10 bloggers to keep the fun rolling.

As for you others reading this, your answering to this tag post would make my day! So go on, it’s tag post time!!!



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