The positives of radiating joy in life

 In this ridiculously fast-paced age of conveniently accessible information overloads (through social media outlets, similar online hubs and the likes), it can be quite exhausting to just take a breather and enjoy the beauty of the nature surrounding us. Nowadays, all the potential stresses seem to pop from anywhere and everywhere, be it family issues at home, annoying coworkers or crowded public transportation, just to name a few.


Maintaining a well-balanced positive attitude in the face of the little anxieties that creep up throughout the day without being way too energetic or gloomy (which can be annoying in its own right) is a delicate balance that always needs to be kept in check. Which somehow reminds me of a public figure who characterizes this positivity and who back in the days was someone I followed -  former Spice Girl Emma Bunton! :)

The proud and glowing mum of two sons – Beau, 5, and 2-year-old Tate – with husband Jade Jones recently earned one of the world’s most prestigious awards. Indeed, with almost a third of the 10,000 votes cast by the British public, Emma Bunton was crowned Foxy Bingo’s 2013 Celebrity Mum of the Year. Despite an discouraging start to her 2013, Bunton was nonetheless very honored and humbled to accept this distinguished award. The Foxy Bingo brand is famous and well-loved for taking a fun-filled approach to advertising its promotions and jackpots, mainly through the antics of their mascot, Foxy. Additionally, the presence of Foxy on Twitter has allowed the brand to reach millions of potential customers, in addition to interacting with their more than 10,000 followers.

Which takes me back to reiterating that, without any doubt, embracing the power of positivity in one’s life will lead to better things in the future - don't you agree?! ;)

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