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Following last fortnight's post about Deandra, a number of you fantastic people asked me to post about beautiful Doriana from Strada Stretta. How could I refuse writing about this 'Dor'? I've been following her since 2008 when she appeared on our screens in L-Evangelisti as domineering Cassandra. Thinking about it, a number of the roles Doriana interprets (including the role of Angela from Strada Stretta) seem to revolve around cold, rebellious characters. More often than not this makes it difficult for those watching to really sympathize with and 'love' the character being interpreted. And yet, I still cannot but love this girl and her acting skills!

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On the set of Strada Stretta, Angela tries to play it tough and wants to show she's strong enough not to give in to love. It turns out she's still naive and eventually falls for Oscar. That must be what I mostly like about her character on set; Angela may have been brought up in an environment which requires her to be harsh and unsentimental, yet her youthful self does not allow her to be indifferent to love.

I cannot say I know Doriana much, but I think I can safely say that: 

1. She does a million and one things and when her busy schedule cannot take more, she gets herself a new hobby or commitment (besides her full-time job and a number of roles on TV Drama, she finds the time to play tennis, practice fencing and follow every match of the footie team she supports!)

2. Describing her as 'bubbly' is an understatement. She's bouncy, radiates positive energy and I like to think of her as being the chatterbox that I am.

3. I'm so sure we will be seeing Doriana on a number of other TV Dramas and shows in the future, take my word for it.

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- Photo captured by Reno Rapa -

I gave Doriana a list of words that remind me of her personality and asked her for the first word that comes to mind. Her replies follow ;)
Word(s) Doriana’s word association
Personal Motto  Live & Let Live!
Football   Adrenalin
Cocktails  Cosmopolitan
Seduction  Red!
Jealousy   Women
5 years from now?   Family
Friends   Treasure
Role model  My Man
Sports  Tennis/Fencing (both came in  mind)
Angela Valletta



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