L-Għarusa is a new drama produced by Sharp Shoot Media Ltd - the team behind Strata Stretta.
Directed by Steven Dalli and Justin Farrugia, and written by Audrey Brincat Dalli, L-Għarusa promises to be that TV drama we've been waiting for all year! The story unfolds when museum owners, Alan and his father purchase a very well preserved 1930s wedding dress to add to their collection. This dress, however, is somehow reminiscent of less happy connotations. The owner of the dress was found dead, in her dress, on the morning of her wedding. A murder mystery unfolds at the heart of a love story. Set in the thirties, one love story happens in the past and another one at present as Alan struggles with his feelings for intern, Liz; who is captivated by the dress and the story behind it, enough to start her own research on the case.
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If you've been following this little space, you know how fond I am of local talent and TV dramas, so you must also know you'll be reading a lot about this TV production and the actors involved. But first, I wanted to go to the directors (make that 'genius directors', actually) themselves and ask them a couple of questions - just because I'm curious and want to get it directly from the horses' mouth if you know what I mean! :)
1. Steven Dalli & Justin Farrugia (Sharp Shoot Media Directors) are indeed, always on the go and responsible of the best TV productions and dramas. Tell us more about how it all started for you.
It all started around 12 years ago when we met during the production of Gizelle. We both edited and directed this multi-hit series, and also played a role in it as the brothers Castro and Branco. During that time we had developed a strong bond, and people used to think we were really brothers! After Gizelle, although we always kept in contact, we went down our separate roads until about 5 years ago. We had met and discussed the possibility of joining forces and forming a company together. After that meeting; we never looked back - Sharp Shoot Media Ltd. was born.
2. When they are not behind the camera directing, where would you find Justin and Steven? Tell us more about a typical day in your life.
When we are not filming, we would be in creative meetings and logistically planning other scenes. When we are off, sometimes we go out together with our family somewhere to try and relax. However, we usually end up talking about 'L-Għarusa', since both our wives are also involved. We prefer going for a lunch or dinner, and sometimes even a trip to our sister island, Gozo.
3. We’re so excited that you’re back with another TV Drama this October. People are hoping this will be another ‘Strada Stretta.’ But is it?
Strada Stretta was Strada Stretta; L-Għarusa is for sure a brand new project. Yes, we do have two particular characters who make an appearance in their earlier age but this is an entirely new plot! People naturally compare the two because this will also be a period drama one that both our writer, Audrey Brincat Dalli and us at Sharp Shoot Media are now synonymous with.
4. Tell us more about how the whole concept/idea of L-Għarusa started. 
Audrey Brincat Dalli is the creator and script writer of the story. We knew we wanted Audrey to come up with a new idea last summer. She presented us with a few options, and L-Għarusa somehow managed to captivate both of us!
5. Can you reveal some particulars about the actors involved that we are not yet aware of perhaps?! ☺
We love to have new faces on board, which means an extensive few days of auditions. But we have a great amount of veterans as well which is always nice on such projects because they bring a certain experience with them. As for the new actors, their motivation and determination, as well as the level of commitment to the project, is admirable to say the least.
6. In particular,  what will the audience be treated to in this TV drama from October onwards?
The audience can expect a fast moving plot line with great intrigue and mystery as well as all the wonderful elements that make a story a classic such as romance. The production is also a feast for the eyes and every detail has been taken into consideration. The hair, make-up and wardrobe department, which happens to be the same team as in Strada Stretta has definitely been able to transmit the era perfectly. We think people will enjoy the detail of the grand sets as well as the very fresh element of the circus which seems to be rather new to Maltese television.
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Photos by Reno Rapa.


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