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Lately the blog has won the attention of a number of male followers (thank you guys!) and I've been meaning to draft something for the gents for ages. I happened to come across a brand which caters for the urban beardsman and provides a range of beard and moustache care products, and since hubby is at the moment obsessed with grooming his beard I thought I'd get him to review a product for me ;) Here goes a couple of words from the Mr. himself.
I recently got the opportunity to try out the Beard Balm by The Brighton Beard Company. I'm fond of my beard even though there's more to it than just skipping shaving it! You let it grow, Groom it, Trim it, Wash it and condition it, and THEN you style it. So yes, as a man who is quite fond of his beard, I'm always on the lookout for beard grooming products. 
IMG 5362
First impressions:  Being infused with Bergamot and Coriander, the balm smells like Earl Grey tea. Dorianne does frequently comment that the beard smells nice even after more than a day has passed.
Feel: Haven't used beard balms much (I usually use beard oil) so the texture felt somewhat sticky the first time I used it. But once you rub it in your palm to warm it up, you can easily massage it into your beard. As easy as that.
Results: I do have a bit of an unruly beard (when it starts to grow in length, taming it does not come easy) but the balm allows me to style my beard - no stress there.
IMG 5364
IMG 5368
This product and all the range of The Brighton Beard Company are available at Melita Health and Beauty.

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