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As I was going through the Malta Fashion Week Programme of Events, I found myself googling Sam Selby who will be presenting her Sirena Jewellery Collection on Monday 16th May. I vaguely remembered that someone had mentioned her to me already but I had to find out more about her.

You have to trust me when I tell you that I'm a zilch-believer in coincidences and twists of fate, but the minute I start lurking on Sam's facebook profile page I receive a facebook message from her congratulating me on my nomination. We kind of hit it off immediately, because she's a chatterbox like myself and sounds like the bubbly but modest type. I make a mental note that I need to meet her and get to know her a bit better because something tells me that there's more to know about Sam than the 'awesome jewellery designer' descriptions I'm reading online.

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- Contentment, inspiration and fulfilment are found when you visualize and bring you dreams to a reality.  Never give up. -

Sam Selby is the brains behind a number of uniquely hand-crafted jewellery pieces "crafted to be nurturing and symbolic to the individual". Sam explains how choosing a stone goes beyond the stone's aesthetic; it's also about the rediscovery of the earth's natural treasures and how they affect us as humans. I hear that Sam's BoboStar collection was a hit and the minute I see photos of these pieces I can immediately understand why (some pictures below). 

Looks like what started as a hobby has turned into a business for Sam and she's never looked back. From the random short messages we've been exchanging every day, I know that Sam's determination and bouncy personality will take her places. I love how she's blunt but not brutal throughout our conversations, and it somehow feels like I've known her for ages. These strong traits are also reflected in her pieces, but I will be telling you more about these (and her new collection!) in a separate post. So yeah, watch this space.

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In the meantime, this is what Sam had to say when I gave her a list of words which remind me of her personality. ENJOY! 

Word(s) Sam’s word association
India  Colour
Mind vs. Heart  War
Motto  Everything happens for a reason
Sea   Peace but dangerous
Purple   Spiritual Connection
Malta  Away (from the crazy world)
Family  Real love, real trust
Sunsets  Nature's treasure
Wine  Acquired
Travel  Find hidden treasures
Boho-chic  Nice. But last year.

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