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I shall say this only once, probably because I've repeated it to myself so many times that I still would like it to still be special rather than get used to saying and feeling it. I WAS ON Malta Llejla - this afternoon!!! Ok, so it may not be that big of a deal to you, especially if you're not than keen on local tv or television in general for that matter. But for me, for my blog - it's HUGE and I still can't believe how lucky I am to be sitting on the sofa in Malta Illejla's famous living room with Stephanie - the host of the show, Stylist and Image Consultant Marisa Grima, styling and fashion guru Noelene Miggiani and Gordon Mayo from Toni&Guy who is one of the funniest, craziest, chattiest, charming guys I've ever met.


- yours truly, celebrating this experience with a selfie. of course -

Fashion blogger Emma and myself had the pleasure of styling a model (in my case, the beauty that is Zael) and prepare her for a dinner date on Valentine's Day. I have to admit that I put a lot of thought into my decision and took great care when choosing the outfit and accessories, hairstyle and make-up look. I now know the motherly excitement the fairy must have felt as she prepared Cinderella for her ball to meet her prince - I was practically beaming with pride as I watched Zael, dressed to kill, happy with her locks and enjoying her pouting red lips :) That's entirely thanks to Penelope (and Lee!) from Toni&Guy (who's not just super great at what she does but is so wonderfully gorgeous and easy to talk too at the same time) and Shasha from Make-up Studio who should definetely be awarded some form of recognition for her radiance and positivity!  



- beautiful Zael wearing List and Bata-


- with sweet Zael; an OOTD will follow shortly -


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- the clan :) -


- a lovely memory captured on polaroid,

even though there's no real need for polaroid film to remind me of this breathtaking experience -

What a feeling, oh what a glorious experience! I have another story to tell, I hope I'll have more such stories to look back on and recount!

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