Love yourself!

I'm sure we're all aware how important it is to first and foremost take the time to invest in and take good care of ourselves but sometimes I suspect we're too busy to actually sit down, relax and just...really LOVE ourselves!

Lately, it's been tonnes of work, work, work, work, work and whilst I couldn't be any more grateful for that, I realised that I was waking up feeling SO tired and so unmotivated. I'm usually so creative, but lately it was all getting way too dull and repetitive for my liking. I was waking up, heading to work, running errands, going to a number of meetings, trying to get as much work done as possible in my free time. And yet, I was ending up with even more work piling up! The more energy and effort I was investing, the worse my to-do list got! Until I realised I had to take a step back and chill to focus on what is really a priority. The first time I actually managed to realise what was a priority was the moment I took a step back, relaxed and invested in some much-needed ME time.

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It had been ages since I walked into a cosmetic clinic or beauty parlour and spent some whole 2 hours without having to rush to some other meeting right after, or go home and cook (read burn the kitchen) or do washing and iron! Last Saturday afternoon, I went ahead and booked me a 90-minute facial and a back massage and YES, besides feeling better and calmer, I think I'm feeling some 5 years younger! 

It's mostly thanks to Marise at Estetika, who not only took her time to treat me to the most relaxing back massage and ease the shoulder discomfort I've been feeling lately but also made sure to give me with some much-needed tips and tricks related to my well-being and daily routine. She did notice that I religiously follow a skincare routine and that I really take good care of my skin, but playfully suggested that I shouldn't feel guilty of treating myself to some proper pampering every now and then! Pampered just like I felt when Marise and myself drank herbal tea and I got to know that I was going to have the back massage of a life time! Pampered just like I felt during my whitening facial, aimed at the pigmentation I have on my undereye area (so happy that we shall be working on this actually; especially after the exposure my face must have gotten during the sunny days this past summer days!) 

So yes, I think I'm going to start making time for this again because it felt so right and I felt so happy and relaxed right afterwards. 

Watch this space!

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