'Sense'. By Majka

Who would have thought I'd be writing an article about Sarah Spiteri some 15 years after some fun, crazy times during one of our plays at prize day back in the our Secondary school days? Yet, here I am, typing my thoughts away about the great person behind 'Sense', the art exhibition being held in Valletta.

More commonly known as Majka, Sarah is what you'd call bubbly (which is probably an understatement for this chattery, energetic, multipurpose girl), positive and genuine. I start our chat by complimenting her on her ability to always look on the bright side and on how well she carries her maxi dresses. She giggles and confesses she can be a bit of a tomboy at times as well.  This girl is full of surprises so I ask more, this time about her passion for art and the art exhibition being held at Splendid House, Strada Stretta, Valletta. 

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- How and when did your passion for art and creating beautiful things all start?

My parents claim that I have always been creative since I was a toddler, in fact most of my toys were no longer dolls but mainly puppets, jigsaw puzzles, building blocks, colours. Since my parents hold great passion for performing arts, I was exposed to art at a tender age and was always encouraged to try out and give life to the visions and ideas going through my mind which made my stomach twist very often that lead to that need to create spontaneously. I am untutored in this field, but somehow I have made my own way of developing this gift and passion I hold to create. During my studies of the art of theatre, I grew to be in touch with various emotions and actions, as a result aiding me to give the observer the energy to feel what I am imposing in my creative work.

- For you, is this a passion or a job?

I refer to this gift in many ways but definitely not as a job, as I do not live to work. I live to explore the wonders of what we call life be it good and bad. As a result of this, I manage to put all my energy, love and flow in all of my paintings. So yes, I think I can refer to this mean as therapy, a shout out method of concepts and matters that revolve around us .. I prefer giving it the name of life.

- Why art? Or is it more than just art?

I believe that my presentations record anything and everything I come across. At times I intend to provoke certain issues relevant to different matters and try to motivate people to do something or come to realisation of particular instances that might be either hindering one’s well-being, state of mind or our development as a society.

- What's your favourite bit about this passion/job of yours?

Many have pointed out that they could tell which art work is mine or not due to texture and use of colours. So yes ,I must say that I love experimenting with texture , applying different constructive material whilst giving a touch of colour with my nail bitten fingers. I love using my bare hands when producing work. I believe that in my nature I’m not just giving life to it but also a profound soul.

- Is there a favourite piece(s) you’re exhibiting?

I can’t really tell that I have a favourite piece just as much a mother can’t tell who is her favourite child.

- What's your favourite colour, especially when it comes to your creations?

My work explodes in colour, so I think that there is no particular colour that I love working with. But yes, there is one particular shade that I tend to avoid in most of my work .. which is BLACK !

- What inspires you? 

I get easily inspired by what I see, feel, touch, smell and taste. Also people around me tend to trigger to values of thought. My travelling experiences and living within different cultures play an important role in my presentations too. Music is an asset when I’m working, it completes the whole picture.

- Are we going to see you with more creations any time soon?

I trust that I will keep on producing more creations as the urge that is instilled within in me to create is as powerful as the need to eat on a daily basis.

- Any life-related/positive tips for our readers?

Appreciate and be grateful of what you have been granted. And try to keep smiling and shining!

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Through her work in 'Sense' by means of various mediums, Majka indicates that there is no end to inner space.She claims that the magic lies in the infinite number of universes inside every atom in our body. Think ,if you take a piece of cheese and cut it in half, and cut the half in half and keep going, you could cut forever, and you will never run out of something to cut. 

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In the end Majka claims 'There is a difference between things at the edges of our reality that do not make sense, and nonsense.

For event more information about this exhibition, click here.


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