Time for a heart-to-heart I guess, because we all go through those rough patches

If, even for just a minute, you thought that gone are those heart-to-heart posts that you loved reading and I loved sharing, then you're kind of wrong :)

Ok, here goes (in a jumbled, but hopefully comprehensible manner).

I may look like a bubbly, always on-the-go person. What you may not notice, however, is that behind that bubbly, chatterbox lies (at times) a girl who stresses out over a number of issues...BIG TIME! I've had my fair share (still do at times) of anxiety, panic attacks and the like. Thankfully, I think I'm learning to better deal with things (tackling one thing at a time, criticizing myself less and learning to accept compliments, not allowing party poopers to flush the best out of me, relax), but still.

Anyway, as I was saying, I did go through a rough patch some months ago (we all do at some point) and my body seems to have decided to react to that ugly phase now. Case in point? My hair. *sigh* Yeps, the condition of my hair is not at its best at the moment and I'm kind of dealing with dull thinner hair, an irritated scalp, break offs and excessive dryness around the scalp. I'm also suspecting that there's been some hair loss and I'm kind of upset. 

IMG 8407

'No big deal, grow up', might be your first reaction, but then again if it's upsetting me this much it must be kind of important (at least to me)... So the minute I heard about this gadget which allows on-the-fly recording of an individual's hair condition, I plucked up the courage (yep, when it comes to stuff involving discovering things about your health I can be a bit of a baby) and fixed an appointment. As I drove to Siggiewi, I kept on going over the things and concerns which were troubling me (thinning hair, baby hair round the forehead which never grows longer than a few cm).

Once there, I soon felt at ease. I filled in a very brief questionnaire about my hair type and condition, and was offered tea (those who know me, know I can easily be bought by a warm beverage :D). Ipad in hand, I saw what my scalp looked like thanks to this innovative Hair Scalp Microscope.  As Flavia went through what I could do to improve this hair situation of mine, I was treated to a preparing treatment for the scalp aimed at relaxing the scalp and preparing it for subsequent treatments. This was followed by a nice wash and scalp massage, in preparation for another treatment, this time involving an oxygen concentrator to detoxify the scalp and stimulate blood circulation. 

IMG 9533 1

- Massaging the scalp will help to improve the circulation to the hair follicles. -

The patient and gorgeous hairdresser who stuck up with me throughout this whole first session is Flavia from Dcolorpallet -

I have to follow this up, obviously, and it's going to take some time before I start seeing results. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I have to do my best to follow a healthier diet (especially iron), stock on some food supplements, massage the scalp with with an equilibrium scalp lotion and keep treating my hair to nourishing hair treatments.

I apologize if this post ended up being slightly technical; those who been following this blog know that usually I prefer to share an experience rather than go into technicalities. But to me, this is super important at the moment so I found myself looking up information, browsing out of curiosity and asking for the advice of experts to better understand what's happening.


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