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You might have realised it's been quite a while since I've last shared a proper blog post. I mean, I'm still bugging you with what's intriguing me and what products I'm loving on a daily basis. But when it comes to my articles and scribbles, well, it's been a while. And I don't even have a creative justification for my absensce, I've just been busy.

I've been busy with a number of things which are thankfully now part of my routine, part of my life. A number of exciting things and tasks which I'm kind of exploring and which make me so happy.


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I'm still in love with what I do for a living (and I'm quite sure it will remain like that for many years to come); I've studied and worked hard to be where I'm at today and I have to say that my job may at times be stressful but is still rewarding. But the world of fashion, which a number of people seem to take forgranted (especially on our island), deeming it superficial and at times only suited for those "less bright", intrigues me so much!

We can be so unfair at times, so judgemental. ''He models, he says'', or ''Yeah, she's a fashion blogger. She's not into real jobs, I guess'' . What we may not realise, perhaps, is that this world comes with the same rewards and challenges as any other industry. At times it helps you feel more accomplished, whilst at others it teaches you lessons which you could have never foreseen, even if you were the brightest ever when it comes to planning and foreseeing stuff.

These days I'm learning so much about myself. 

I'm realising I can actually be even more productive if I fit in 7 tasks in a day (tasks which at first glance would look impossible to complete) rather than be comfy with completing just 4. At the same time, I'm learning to acknowledge that just like everyone I have my limits and that it's ok to miss out on things/ opporatunities/ events at times. I was always for ''stop doing it the minute it becomes a burden'', and as much as possible even when it really feels I'm missing out on some great opporutnities, I prefer to pass on rather than doing something just for the sake of doing it.

I'm finding time to read again, read more about what really gets me going. I'm styling a lot of shoots, which allows me to work with a number of professionals, from whom I learn a number of great things each time. I'm working on a number of different projects which I get the feeling (and hope) will be HUGE! Am also planning a number of travels, because that is still my favourite hobby! :P I get to work with a number of bright (and demanding) leaders, and that makes me happy.

Point of this blog post? Not sure if there is one actually. I just came here to touch base and somehow ended blurting all this. Hoping it feels honest and real to you as much as it means to me.

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