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As you know I'm a winter lover, loyal to layers of clothing and woolen scarves, mulled wine and the Christmas period! Yet, despite summer not being my favourite season I still try to make the most of it. I always look forward to barbecues on the roof with friends, beers at the beach, star gazing on 11 August (Perseid meteor shower) and scoops of ice-cream on Sunday afternoons!  I especially look forward to early morning swims when the beaches are still not very crowded. Armed with just a beach towel, sunglasses and sun cream, I walk to the beach (I live close to one of the nicest beaches in Malta, I'm lucky ;)) and laze the mornings away.

I don't know about you, when I mention hours under direct sunlight on the beach I automatically think of sun protection. Mind you, sun care should be part of one's daily routine irrespective of whether we'd be spending hours at the beach. But I'm naturally more cautious about the harmful effects of UV rays when I'm spending time in the direct sun for a long stretch of time. This summer I've discovered a great combo to protect my skin from being exposed from too much sun.

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I'm talking about the Hawaiian Tropic Satin Protection Lotion in SPF 20 and the After Sun Cooling Aloe Gel. I mostly use the former as it's just what I need to keep my skin hydrated with the lotion's conditioning formula whilst protecting it from direct exposure to UV rays. The lotion smells of coconut, a scent I happen to love. This product feels very light on this skin and is easy to apply, leaving the skin feeling smooth.

As for the Cooling Gel, I only reach for this product in the rare cases I get sunburnt. This cooling gel, as the name suggest, contains Aloe Vera. As the product promises, the After Sun Cooling Gel is very soothing to sunburned areas, cooling the skin. 

IMG 6616.1

And you, have you ever tried any of these products? 

For more information about Hawaiian Tropic products, click here.



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