Heart shaped candles this Valentine's Day?!!

Despite not being a huge fan of Valentine's day, I've always been one who likes to treat her Valentine (during those Valentine days when I did have a Valentine that is:)) to a small treat. Last week I came across some products of a very talented local entrepreneur, who has been busy working on the most awesome of Valentine candles! Given that I'm a huge fan of candles and whatever is produced locally, I just had to ask her a couple of questions. 

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Candles and T dazzled - what's the connection, tell me everything!

I've always been one who lights up most of the rooms in my house with fragranced candles; both for their scent and the warm atmosphere they create.  When I was burning candles more than I could think possible, I decided to be more adventerous and try making my own. I followed numerous tutorials online and read books and magazines until I felt confident enough to buy my own stuff and create my own candles.  It was love at first burn! I could mix scents and colours and melt wax all day long if I could.  As easy as it might sound, candle making has its complexities and is messy! Wax can't be overheated and has to have the right temperature to add both fragrance and colour. Working surfaces have to be properly covered and follow safety precautions at all times. You are dealing with a hot liquid after all.


I admire how you just followed this passion of yours and just went for it. I can see from the way you speak about your candle making that this keeps you very happy and motivated to experiment even more.

Indeed it does. My biggest dream with candle making was fulfilled some two weeks ago when I got the opportunity to fly to the UK for an intense, hands on, candle making workshop.  It was an amazing, once in a life time experience. Now working hard on getting my own 'workshop' and spread the love of burning candles.


Any tips you'd like to give to candle lovers like myself?

It is very important to get people aware that not all the candles in the market are 'healthy'. Cheap candles are cheap for a reason.  Not only do natural candles such as soy wax candles last longer,  up to 30%-50% longer, they do not soot and do not release harmful chemicals like paraffin wax candles. It is also of utmost importance not to blow out a candle too early or let it burn for too long. One should always keep a burning candle within site and never close to anything that can catch fire.


Tiziana from T dazzled goes on to describe how "candles not only make perfect gifts for any special occasion but they also set the perfect mood".  And since Valentine's Day is in less than a week's time, I was thinking about pushing you into preparing a candle light dinner for two lit with a heart shaped soy wax candle;) For more ideas check out T dazzled facebook page here!!



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