March, I'm ready for you!

We've just celebrated Christmas and we're already going into March! I mean how can that even be possible?


Fendi sunnies from O'hea Opticians

Boots from Aldo Shoes

 My weeks are always packed to the brim and you will probably never hear me complaining about that. And even when I have planned a free eve or afternoon, it will usually end up being filled with some last minute thing. March will be no different. Actually, March appears to be busier than its fellow months.

Some exciting new collabs start for March (and there's a particular Spanish brand which I know you're simply gonna love!) and I have two trips planned in March so far. I will also be starting a new radio show on 103 and I couldn't be more excited about it! Cannot reveal a lot yet, apart from the fact that we decided to call it Dorianne's Audio Blog, the latter being aired daily on Malta's Heart . The plan is to introduce you to some very interesting personalities. My own audio blog on the radio, I mean how cool is that?!

So I'm just hoping you'll stay tuned in to my little space here so we get to share exciting news together, the way we always do. Keep on filling me in with what's happening in your lives dear followers, you know how I LOVE hearing from you!

And, oh March, I'm so ready for YOU!


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