Wanna go VAMP with PUPA Vamp! eyeshadows?!

Knowing I'm one to document every little particular or event on her blog, you've probably noticed that I didn't mention anything about how we got to spend Valentine's Day this year. That's mostly because we didn't plan anything big, yet, on the day I still wanted to do my bit and look prettish without overdoing things, if you know what I mean ;)

I decided I was going for a smart casual look in terms of clothes. I then reached for my cosmetics bag - time to apply some makeup, again without overdoing things and in a bid to achieve a natural and smooth look...


I reached for two products which I had received in a goody bag back in December but hadn't had time to properly test yet - My PUPA Vamp! eyeshadows in #101 (Vanilla) and #204 (Golden Brown). After just one application of a combination of the two products, I was immediately impressed by the product's high coverage and creamy texture. Not to mention that it stayed intact throughout the night. But back to the eyeshadows...:) 


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PUPA Vamp! eyeshadows come in two formulas: the Compact and Wet & Dry versions. This means that whilst the compact ones can be used as a normal eyeshadow, the baked Wet & Dry eyeshadow can be used both wet and dry.

Vamp! Compact eyeshadows are available in 24 luminous shades and 3 different finishes - matt, metallic and satin, whereas the Wet & Dry eyeshadows (also available in 24 shades) come in two different finishes - satin and pearly. Both versions blend easily and feel so smooth on the eyelids.

I'm attaching some pictures of the shades, but it would be way better to see these in person, trust me, because the pictures here do the Vamp! shades no justice (especially the Wet & Dry versions). Both the Compact and Wet & Dry versions of Vamp! eyeshadow retail at Eur11.70, and can be found at local pharmacies, perfumeries and beauty salons.



I have to say I loved the final look and can't wait to apply them again next week for this event I've been invited to. And yes, it turned out to be a great Valentine's day indeed ;)


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