4 days (& an extra 2 kilos) later & I'm back on the rock!

4 days (and an extra 2 kilos) later, and I'm back on the rock following a whirlwind experience at Milan Fashion Week! 

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- with the Master himself, Massimo Rebecchi -
I had been dreaming and wanting (really bad) and dreaming (yeps!) about going to Milan Fashion Week for ages and I have to say that this trip to Milan has more than exceeded my expectations and indeed made several dreams come true! 
Yes, I still pinch myself each time I think about how I danced the night away at the D&G Martini Bar during the D&G party; it was indeed a festa filled with people wearing the most beautiful pieces of art I've ever seen! I can't explain in words the unique, rich, colourful pieces I've seen at the party; I'm sure I'll do a terrible job of articulating it even if I tried a hundred of times. What I know for sure is that the night's festive mood, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana and the guests' cheers, and the splendid company I was in that eve will forever stay imprinted in my mind.
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Then there was the Trussardi fashion show and the presentation of Massimo Rebecchi spring/summer 2017 collection. This, too, has been a first-time experience where I got to enjoy watching photographers snapping away pictures, capturing street style right outside the show's venue and watching a state-of-the-art show in a breathtakingly original setup!
I also got to catch up with re-known blogger Paola Buonacaro (the nicest, kindest, most graceful human being ever!!) again and enjoy a fashion show in the company of fellow blogger Caroline whilst there! And fashion shows aside, I got to feast on a number of proseccos and Aperol spritz, ice-cream and Italian antipasti whilst there (when in Italy, live the Italian life right?!)
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Milan Fashion Week 2016 has been good to me and I hope I got close to share this incredible journey with you. Bragging? Never, can never do that. But I choose to note everything down cause I'd like to treasure the memories in this online journal...

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