One fine afternoon in Rome

And I'm back after what must have been my longest period of absence from the blog so far. But I've had the pleasure of juggling work and pleasure in The Netherlands and Rome for a whole week, so I'm hoping you'd understand ;) Not just understand, but be happy for me and with me as I tell you all about how I got to be part of one brilliant fashion-related experience in Rome and one splendid, talented team of professionals I had the pleasure of meeting!

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If you follow my blog, you must have heard me rave about Ferragiu's creations, the chic 'Made in MaltaItaly" brand luxuriating Maltese and Italian artesian, fabrics and textiles. So you can imagine the exhilaration the moment I was contacted by the brains of the brand, designer Dr. Juliana Scerri Ferrante, to join her and her team in Rome and cover a fashion event! Once there, I got to witness the beauty of a number of handmade, distinctive gowns from Ferragiu's 'Renaissance' collection. Whilst getting ready for our photo shoot (I will share exclusive photos with you in due course), we took it in turns to feel the pure fabrics of the gowns, made from silk and wool and adorned with lace, ganutell and stones. In the meantime, Natasha Polidano worked her magic on the beautiful models whilst I merrily snapped some pictures and went through the pages of Rendez-Vous de la Mode magazine for Fall/Winter 2015-16! Once ready from hair by talented Francesca Sardo and make-up, we packed our stuff and headed to the first shooting location. Directed by the brilliant Elio Frasca and captured by artistic Bernard Polidano, there was no doubt that Ferragiu's photo shoot was going to be MASSIVE!

It turned out to be more than that, obviously, and I will be showing you photos soon so stay tuned for more! In the meantime, I want to propose a virtual toast to talent and elegant design, to geniuses who appreciate quality and individuality, to what I hope is the beginning of a nice, eventful journey!

There is a number of other great people who contributed to this amazing project but are not mentioned here. I will be posting the well-deserved group photo captured at the end of the eve, so you'll be able to see them ;)


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