September means quality time in Sicily

It's been a family tradition/habit for years now; every September we head for a long-weekend to Sicily and just do nothing but loiter around in the beautiful piazzas eating ice-cream and drinking limoncello!


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Each year, our visit begins with granita and brioche at a cafe in Pozzallo, followed by a short drive to beautiful Modica, our base location for our stay. Then we head to either Marzamemi for some lunch or Marina di Ragusa for a swim. Each stop usually comes with the mandatory glass of Sicilian wine and a delicious pasta dish or pizza (you can't visit Italy without making the most of yummy Italian food, right?)

Back to Modica and it's probably time to visit the majestic Duomo di San Giorgio for the nth time; can never get enough of admiring this grand cathedral! We take our time and sip on a thick cappucino in a nearby cafe. We make our way to our B&B to rest a bit (as if we need rest, after a full day of lazying around) before driving to magical Ragusa Ibla for the evening. Once at Ibla, we go for a walk, take photos and feast on Campari Spritz! We're so hungry that we pass on the caprese we had in mind and opt for a large Capricciosa instead!

Same thing happens during the other three days; we swim, we eat, we sightsee a bit and we sleep! Each year it's always the same lazy, happy story - wouldn't have it any other way!!


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