White Expertise for Summer

I know a thing or two about pigmentation; the colouring and brown spots above my cheeks area are proof of that. But Beauty Team have introduced me to Ericson Laboratoire's Perfection White Expertise treatment and I have to admit I've seen improvements!


To be honest, I was quite sceptical of this treatment at first, mainly because the past 10 years have been full of dissappointing experiences and results when it comes to treating my pigmentation. I've wasted quite a lot of time and money on treatments and lengthy courses which promise to lighten and treat my dark spots but ones which provide no results.

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Ericson Laboratoire's Perfection White Treatment, however, does whiten the skin and regulate pigmentation. My beauty therapist explained that this treatment can be used as a cure as well as a way to prevent the brown spots from increasing! The treatment is all about a lightening method which includes applying the line’s white lotion, a melano-clear scrub and the melano-stop serum all over the face. This is followed by a very soothing extra-white mask from the same line, which I've grown to love because it always feels very refreshing. I've realised this treatment (which forms part of a process; it's best to follow up on these whiteneing facials) makes my skin look and feel better and healthier.

Another thing I've grown to realise during my collaborations with Beauty Team is that my skin really needs regular treatments (which I used to deem just as a luxurious treat to my face). Yes, I can vouch for that; I can really see and feel the difference these days...

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