If you've happened to read yesterday's post, you'd know that my Tuesdays are usually classified as "grumpy so do not disturb" days. And indeed, my Tuesday - yesterday - proceed as per usual: an endless day filled with unattainable deadlines, a couple of gaffes and lots of misunderstandings.  As the day was coming to an end, however, little did I know that I was in for an evening treat!!


Some two weeks ago I got to know that Pronails Premium Nail Bar was going to be launched on 5 November, but Tuesday's bad weather saw me undecided about what to do all day long.  In the end, I made up my mind on going - wisest decision ever if you'd ask me ;) 

The Nail Bar, situated on Level -1 of The Point Sliema is this poshy, immaculately white salon fully equipped with whatever you can imagine when it comes to the treating of nails, hands and feet.  The products themselves - a highly desirable brand - are of great quality and aim to follow the latest colours and trends. Speaking of colours, the range of PN products is exquisite, with so many colours to choose from. My favourite shades were a milky pink and a bright yellow, which I'm planning to purchase this weekend.  


Given that it's very difficult to describe in detail the actual feel of the services provided at the Nail Bar, I thought I'd take some pictures so that you get a better idea of what I'm enthusiastically rambling about. An even better idea would be to visit PN Nail bar in person ;) Obviously! ;) 





For more details, do visit the nail bar's facebook page here.