Hello peeps!! I ought to be writing an article which I need to submit by tomorrow, latest Yet, the more pressured I am with time, the keener I am to distract myself and waste time. I get up from my desk and head to the kitchen to make tea, I return to my desk and remember I have some pie in my fridge. I walk to the kitchen again but change my mind half way through. I try to concentrate, type down some words which I'm not so sure of. I hit down on the backspace button and remember of my Ben & Jerry's! I return to my desk with the bucket of chocolate, marshmallows and caramel magic and that's when I decide I feel more like a blog post rather than the damn article I need to finish by tomorrow!!


And that makes me happy :) I dig into the bucket of ice-cream and go through the pictures stored on my phone. I want to show you the green Tommy I wore the other day, so fond of my boy. It's just a simple polo shirt, mind you, so the most straightforward of items you can imagine. But I'm so glad I own this baby; goes so well with my denims or white pants, is comfy and has a colour which kind of suits me.

So here it is - 'my date with Tommy' OOTD ;)




Polo Shirt - Tommy Hilfiger

Skirt, Bag & Shoes - Bershka

Marc Jacobs Sunglasses - Solaris