Seeing I loved amika nourishing mask so much (see review here), I also had to get my hands on the amika leave in cream, the one which bloggers have been raving about lately. Bottom line? I loved it so much I think I will also be going for amika shampoo and oil treatment :D

amika-leave-in-cream 250x250

The product is said to 'eliminate frizz by hydrating and reviving hair while providing a soft hold resulting in the texture needed for styling'. What I can say following my experience with using this product is that whereas I'm never too sure when it comes to leave in creams because, so far, they have rarely managed to impress me, amika leave in cream is a really moisturizing product and feels nice and soft, leaving my hair soft for days. 


The product is super easy to use; you simply apply 1 pump to the palm of your hand (I applied 2 pumps but that's because my hair is thick and can be unmanageable on some bad hair days!) and then distribute to damp hair. Once that is done, you can easily style your hair and you're good to go! Following application, the product left my hair easy to comb through without making it look greasy or unflattering. 

Just like the nourishing mask, amika leave in cream smells amazing and days later the hair still smelt lovely! For more information, do visit amika's facebook page here.