My Sundays are usually over in a flash but last Sunday saw me a bit annoyed at how my day lingered on. That's probably because I was impatiently waiting for Ferramoda's 2014 show to start; I had already heard a lot of great things about this initiative so I was looking forward to a night in the company of some very gifted designers, enjoying distinctive creations and, who knows, maybe even a chance to meet some of the brilliant people behind this big show.


This year's designer gala night at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, in aid of childrens' homes in Malta, included some very big names amongst which designers Lucia De Su, Anton Giulio Grande as well as Ferragiu, a chic luxurious womenswear design house launched in Malta for the very first time! Supernova models graced the red carpet with Trussardi, Louisa Spagnoli, Lucia de Su, Ferragiu and Anton Giulio Grande creations. Other shows included unique designs by AG Italia and Rodo. 


Following the big night, I had the opportunity to quickly congratulate Juliana Scerri Ferrante, the person behind this initiative. When I say 'quickly' it's because there was a long line of people waiting to congratulate Juliana on yet another splendid show and because I was too stunned to say anything more than just a HUGE well done for the show and the great vibe. 'Impressed' doesn't even start to explain what happened last Sunday at the MCC! The following photos, taken by the talented Kurt Paris, can help you  be the judge of that ;)









Other sponsors for Ferramoda 2014: Pupa Milano, Landrover by Muscats Motors Ltd and Beauty & Co.