Throughout the years, capturing as many photographs as possible has always been my number 1 resolution. Capturing moments in pictures to return to them when I'd like to refresh my memories, during my free time or whilst I'm sharing an experience with my loved ones makes me HAPPY! And that is probably why I've never really minded spending a few extra bucks to own a good camera (or three!) because for me it really is worth the 'investment'. 

IMG 1414

That is why I was ecstatic when I received this beauty for Christmas; a Fuji's Instax mini 90 Neo Classic which I had even mentioned (read 'hinted') in my post here :D. And whilst the mini film packs can be quite costly (especially now that we've grown used to do without the films thanks to digital cameras), I still think that it pays to own this beautiful machine. The fact that the captured moment is instantly available is a big plus, especially if you're lazy like me and it takes you ages to actually sort digital photos and send them for printing. When using my polaroid camera, I only capture the most special of moments. Those moments sit in a picture in my purse, book, journal or mini frame.

IMG 1309

 Uhhhh, and the first picture I took with this baby?! CLICK!!