Last Monday, Dior paraded the much awaited SS15 collection in Paris, treating the world to a combination of extremes; from chic footwear to rubber boots and waterproof wear, embroidery to graphic swirls, gowns to jumpsuits. So worth looking up this Couture collection if you have a couple of minutes to spare (you'll need more, it's intoxicating!), so worth learning more about the genius that Raf Simons, creative director for Dior, is.  

In my post here I will only focus on my favourite piece - the full-skirted ballerina dresses (with cutaway tops).

christian diorss15.1

Whoever referred to these stunning pieces as "skirts and dresses which make up in detail what they lack in length", couldn't have said it any better and must be syntonic with Dior's craving for a new sense of freedom and experimentation this Spring/Summer. It's all about pleated tulle, broad stripes and flowy underskirts layered on top of one another - a dream come true which leaves me gasping for more!

christian dior ss15

christian dior ss15.2

christian dior ss15.3