...goes this morning's rant. The weekend was rather mean to me and as much as I'm trying to see positives and make a fuss about the sun which decided to charm what had been grey days for the past week(s), I just can't help but moan and drag my feet wherever I go. And instead of trying to chin up and re-assure myself that it will all feel less crappy soon, I decide to highlight the circumstances and life events which are currently bugging me or pissing me off.

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1. Don't you just hate it when people are quick to tell you they're in agreement and are on your same page only to contradict you the very next time, as if the first conversation never took place? I'm all for the having-different-opinions-is-healthy philosophy, mind you, but why show me you appreciate my qualities only to casually make fun of them the next day, you freak of nature?

2. MEN who are hardheaded but have a problem with admitting it. I'm hardheaded. I'm not proud of it but what's the point of denying it? Yet, the macho instinct of some of the guys I know (and I don't mean to generalise here, because it feels that lately I've been generalising a lot :/) means that I have to witness silly, defensive conversations full of contradictions and disclaimers all day long, just for the sake of opposing my each and every argument. No need to highlight that such conversations lead to nowhere. 

3. Navy Blue. Why the heck did I purchase 13 navy blue items over the last two months?! :/ My wardrobe is happy to greet you with 2 new navy blue cardigans (one with a brown belt), 3 navy blue sweaters, a pin-striped shirt, 2 mini skirts from ZARA, 3 pairs of jeans in dark denim, navy blue heels and a belt. I know that navy has been one of the go-to colours this season, but why did I have to spend all of my savings on something which looks like a blue world of anime?!

4. I'd like a puppy but living in an apartment makes it difficult for myself, the dog and my neighbours. I've thought about fostering a cat but I've never really been a cat's person. Last week I got introduced to 3 very friendly cats but I'd still really like to get me a puppy!!!! *sigh*

Bored you much? I'm sorry I did. I promise to be better company next time round. In the meantime, let me go make tea. And sulk.