…do not necessarily clash. For decades, the fashion world deemed blacks&browns and blacks&navys as a no-no. Then again,

that was a time when the same fashion world echoed a mix-purse-with-shoes-and-accessories and not-more-than-three-colours-in-one-outfit ritual.

In reality, black and brown can go very well together. The rest is a fashion myth, a ‘rule’ that could and in my opinion should be broken.

 black and brown


The basics to keep in mind:

- The shades of brown you go for can make or break the ultimate look. Personally, I like to use light browns/tans (blacks and dark browns are the most difficult to wear with poise and a smile!) and accessorize them with chunky golden jewellery and bags.

- Combining different textures is probably the ‘safest’ way of wearing these two colours together. So for those of you who are still a bit sceptical about pairing blacks and browns, may I suggest something like a black shirt-dress, themed up with a brown leather belt and boots and a suede purse to complete the look.

- Black tights and brown boots are so ‘in’ at the moment; fun I’m telling you!

- Bold make-up nicely complements these two neutral colours.


When worn right, black and brown look fabulous together! So, what do you think?! Shall we make it a black&brown weekend?! ;)